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How can Pilates Therapy help your golf game?

Pilates therapy provides a unique combination of upper body strengthening movements on the "way back" and lower body power, balance and flow on the "way down".

Attention is particularly paid to improving:

  • Foot balance, awareness and strength

  • Hip extension (especially for the follow through)

  • Position of the spine and pelvis in all phases of the swing (awareness of unwanted side bending)

  • Upper body rotation and shoulder mobility

  • Wrist strength

  • Overall balance and flow in the body


Private studio in Christchurch

Pricing subject to treatment duration


How can Somatic Experiencing (SE) help?

Many elements may feed into a golfer's capacity to perform ...

  • Early life experiences - the extent to which the person was highly motivated, excelled at sport, focussed, parental expectations...

  • Beliefs - "I should be able to do this", "I must not let my partner down" ...

  • Triggers - certain phases of the game may be more psychologically difficult than others.  

  • Automatic thoughts - anxiety, racing thoughts.

  • Emotions - nervous, over arousal, under arousal.

  • Behaviours - avoidance of using certain strokes or clubs, inconsistent pre shot routines.

  • Physiological responses - jittery, yipping, tension.

Somatic Experiencing works with embodied resourcing and grounding techniques to explore what activation may be occurring in each problem area. To learn more about how SE works click here.

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