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What are Hypopressives?

Hypopressive exercises decrease internal pressure to the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic areas of the body. They help to re-programme core muscles, which are vital to managing pressure both consciously and subconsciously, and they increase resting tone. You should be prepared to undertake 15 minutes per day for a period of 30 days for these exercises to be effective.

What can Hypopressives help with?

  • Improve symptoms of incontinence

  • Improve Pelvic Organ Prolapse symptoms

  • Restore sexual function

  • Reduce back pain and improve posture

  • Reduce waist size

  • Increase abdominal and pelvic floor function

  • Increase metabolism


More information about pelvic floor balance can be found here 

Initial assessment usually followed by up to 5 sessions of approximately 1h.

Private studio in Christchurch

Pricing subject to treatment duration

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