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What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a gentle manual touch therapy to help improve functionality and pain after any kind of surgery or trauma that has created scar tissue (internally as well as the superficial external scar) adhesions or fibrosis. It was developed by Sharon Wheeler over the last 4 decades, and it taught and performed worldwide.

ScarWork is always undertaken within the client's comfort levels and discomfort is rare. As a client you may notice incremental changes after each session. ScarWork will usually be given 1-4 weeks apart, depending on the age and presentation of your scar. The body is constantly renewing cells so even very old scar tissue may respond positively to this therapy.

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What can ScarWork help with?

  • release tightness 

  • reduce pain and sensitivity

  • improve restricted mobility

  • boost healing and recovery

  • support emotional well-being

Watch a short video explaining what to expect here

Find the UK ScarWork webpage here



Breast cancer ScarWork

Pelvic and abdominal ScarWork 

Private studio in Christchurch

Pricing subject to treatment duration

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