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Client Reviews



I’m not a person who likes exercise but after an illness, a friend recommended Pilates with Laura. I reluctantly went along and I’ve never looked back. I was still suffering from the after-effects of the medication I was on, but instinctively knew that these exercises were the only ones that could help my body and mind recover. The exercises are designed each week by Laura to do exactly this. They’re specific and developed to progressively help us to understand our bodies and learn the exercises to aid healing and build strength. Laura is an exceptionally skilled and motivational teacher. Always encouraging us to do the best we can without overdoing it, and helping us individually improve a posture or exercise. Her medical understanding of the body create lessons that highly informed of what our bodies are made up of and the exercises we need to improve and maintain healthy bodies and minds. I absolutely love going to her classes and never clock watch. Best of all I feel that my body and mind are gently healing and getting stronger. 


I've been seeing Laura for 1:1 reformer sessions for nearly a year now. Laura has an amazing knowledge of the human body and that, combined with her expertise in Pilates, has made a huge difference to my mobility and fitness as well as my posture. She is incredibly kind, skilled and insightful. I would highly recommend her.


Laura’s somatic experiencing work has genuinely changed my life significantly. Having gone through years of different talking therapies, little was taught or discussed about the physical nervous system and the important role it plays, every moment of our lives. Laura’s insightful experience and strong but compassionate nature has enabled me to recognise the powerful ever present language of our amazing nervous systems. Laura has helped me discover and learn invaluable tools of how to listen to and use my - what I would once describe as - ‘totally shot - over reactive and living in fear’ nervous system. I was a nervous wreck and the fear was taking over my daily life preventing me from doing things I used to love to do. I have learned how to listen and love my body and mind and nervous system. The work has and continues to regulate my overall system to a more calm and peaceful way of going about my days knowing I always have a powerful resource to tap into if I listen. I highly recommend this therapy work to everyone.


I joined Laura’s Pilates class earlier this year and immediately felt welcome. She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who designs her classes to challenge and benefit each participant.  I also asked for her help with a 10 year old scar which felt very tight and prevented full movement in my neck. After 3 painless sessions of scar work, I now have full movement and no tightness. I would certainly recommend this treatment.


Laura was recommended to me as a Pilates instructor to assist with balance and flexibility issues.  I soon learned that, in addition to her considerable experience in this area, she has a much broader interest in, and knowledge of, other approaches which enables her to craft customised solutions to her clients’ needs.  Thoroughly professional and with a genuine desire to provide positive outcomes, I have no hesitation in recommending Laura.  She has been, and remains, a great help to me.


I discovered many years ago that I had scoliosis when I had an MRI for a slipped disc. Rather go down the surgical route I chose to go down the Pilates and physiotherapy route. And certainly this helped over the years. Nightly sciatica and  bad flareups of pain, I accepted as just part of my life and the condition I had. It never occurred to me that I might be able to change the way I live, move and exercise in such a way that it might start to alleviate this, and strengthen my weak side.  However, since meeting Laura 10 months ago, my life has been and is continuing to be transformed. Her knowledge and skills of scoliosis along with her Pilates therapy and physio training instilled me with confidence to trust , and allow her to start to train my brain and body to recognise both sides of my spine and increase my awareness of where my curve was. When I first met her I was just coming out of a bad episode of back spasm and pain, and I was anxious not to make things worse.   Her compassion professionalism, and understanding were reassuring. Laura has an unconditional positive regard for her clients and is guided by them which makes her very easy to work with. She is an encouraging, patient and empowering therapist and I would highly recommend her.





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