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Reformer Pilates & Pilates Classes in Christchurch

Welcome to Laura Lane Pilates of Christchurch, a specialist provider of Reformer Pilates and Somatic Experiencing Therapy. 

Pilates Classes Christchurch

Matwork Group Classes

Price £13

Tuesdays 11,50am -1245pm.  Thursdays 9,25am - 10,20am.

Druitt Hall, Christchurch

Block of classes usually between 5 and 8 weeks

1:1 initial consultation before joining a group (£62)

Reformer Pilates


Prices​ £62 for 1:1, £72 for Duo

Private Studio, Christchurch

48-hour cancellation policy

Pilates Therapy

Pilates Therapy Principles

Each Pilates exercise is built around 8 basic principles:

A Pilates Therapist has both a sound understanding of Pilates and training in objective body screening and assessment techniques, as used by many other professions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports therapy.  They are able to assess the nervous system and identify what drives issues. Movement can then be improved by the use of nerve glides, neurodynamics, trigger point, massage, muscle energy techniques and Kinesio taping. Pilates teachers work to a Code of Practice governing teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education.

Laura Lane Pilates - specialist training in:

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